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What makes a good experience? Before we build out a system, wireframing, storyboards and sketches, and prototyping interaction can help get a very first glimpse into what elements should be communicated in a user experience. Here are some of my UX adventures in mobile app design. I have a untraditional unique approach using heuristic design principles for user-centered design.

Here is a UX interaction that I created inside Disney Club Penguin's Puffle Wild.  When designing a UX system touch screen gestures should be consistent within the app in order to train the user on how to complete a task.  For younger demographic the simpler gesture like the finger tap would be easier to train that user base as opposed to other more complex actions.  Scroll Up / Down and Drag & Drop Left

Wireframe info graph of app flow experience for Club Penguin's Puffle Wild for iOS

This is a wireframe based on the developing an experience for crafting in a casual match 3 and collection conceit for the Disney brand of Where's My Water 3.  

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