Currently a Professional  Senior UI/UX Artist, Illustrator, and Designer. 

Highly accomplished art and design professional with proven experience setting the look and feel of award-winning games and products. Expert in leading the full design and development lifecycle, including creating the visual language, brand, style guides, color, fonts, creative direction, and strategy for a product and target audience. Adds value through strong leadership and management, providing guidance to teams to ensure successful implementation of vision and designs.  
Currently a Senior Artist / Designer / UI/UX / Illustrator / Creative Lead with over fifteen years of experience in the mobile, PC, and console gaming industry working on titles like Star Wars, Marvel Strike Force, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy for the PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment's Legends of Norrath, and Disney's Club Penguin.  
Speciality experience  in  UI/UX, 2D Art, Illustration and Conceptual Design for the Mobile and Video Games, Marketing and Branding, Print, Traditional Drawing, Painting, Interaction Design and UX Design, Creating low fidelity prototypes in InVisionApp,  Wireframing, Strategy and Game Game Design Concepts and Conceits,  User Tasks Flow Charts, Conducting Formal and Informal User Test Interviews,  Education, Teaching and Mentoring, Information Architecture, Game Design, Visual Development, Storyboards, Character Design, Background Layout and Painter, Graphic Design, Typography, Color Theory, Logo Design, Fonts and Font Design, Color Keys, Animation, Creative Art Direction, Photo Retouching
Software experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Auto Desk Maya, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Git, Perforce,Google Products, Box Sync, Slack, Figma, Adobe XD, InVision Studio App, Sketch, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Keynote, Google Sketchup, iOS/ Android development, Windows XP/ Macintosh OSX

UX |  UI | Consultant|  Designer |  illustrator at Jeremy Steiner Art , April 2004 -Present

The nature of my business is to create art and provide high quality UX Design, UI Art for products development in games and apps in the entertainment industry. I am an art consultant, and I communicate visually the desired results as expressed by my clients. It is important to go through a user centered process in UX UI Product Development.  As a artist first and humanistic approach I develop the look and feel and standard UX conventions of a project, so that I can set the tone, foundation, or visual language early. I produce quality work delivered in a timely manner, and I create a positive working environment.
Clients Include:
• Sony Pictures Entertainment
• The Walt Disney Company
• Niantic Inc.
• FoxNext Games (Scopely)
• 2K Publishing
• UX Magicians
• ArtCenter College of Design
• Kung Fu Factory

Adjunct Faculty Instructor at Artcenter College of Design June, 2016 - Present 
Course taught at the Artcenter at Night (ACN) program called The Art of UI
MediaLab.AI June, 2021 - Present 
Currently employed by MediaLab working on a in house feature.  More information will be released soon.
Senior UX/UI Designer at UX Magicians, LLC  January, 2021 - Present
As a Senior UX UI Designer I am a part of a tight knit remote team of software game and app developers for Smart Phone and Tablet devices. My contributions include:
• UX Research
• Taxonomy
• User Stories
• Wireframing
• Figma Implementation
• Brand and Style Guides
• Brand and Style Guides
• Visual Design
• Full feature workflows and callouts
• Click-Through Prototyping Micro and Macro

UX/UI Consultant 2K Games April, 2021 - Present
As a consultant at 2K I am part of a great project consulting on a game that is about to soft launch 2021.

Part of my responsibilities have been the following:

• Help with UI UX direction to outsource partners. My contributions include:
• UX Research
UX/UI Designer at PlanetArt,LLC | Avenquest North America, LLC  . October, 2019 - June, 2021
Currently supporting UI and UX for these apps and sites:
• FreePrints
• FreePrints Photobooks
• FreePrints Photo Tiles
• INK Cards by FreePrints (Formly Sincerely Ink Cards)
• Sincerely Postagram

Senior UX/UI Artist at Niantic Labs, Inc. July, 2018 - October, 2019
• Developed and researched a unannounced project called code name Project Hamlet, that utilized Niantic’s real world platform technology.
• Supported new features on Marvel Strike Force in live operations working with the development team formally known as Foxnext Games/ Disney (Now Scopely). Launched Alliance War feature March 26, 2019.
• UX Development for Spellslinger’s a Magic The Gathering inspired mobile game published by Wizards of the Coast on March 23, 2019.
Senior UX/UI Artist at Seismic Games September, 2017 - 2018
Niantic Labs, Inc. acquired Seismic Games July 17th, 2018
Senior UI/UX Artist at Studio Roqovan May, 2017 - September, 2017
Playstation 4, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, VR Mobile development for World War Toons and Stunt Corgi.
Senior UI/UX Artist at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive July, 2015 - April, 2017 
IOS & Android development, Art Direction, Creative Art Direction and Outsourced Management, UI/UX, Internal Game Development, Design, Storyboards,  2D art, 3D Art,  Illustration, Logo Design, Concept and Ideation Visual Design and Mockups,  wireframe and InVisionApp Prototypes, Marketing Key Art Illustration, Content Strategy for Disney IP, Unity UI Integration and  light development support.

iOS iPad | iPhone | Android Credits: 
• Star Wars Rivals (Beta Soft Launch June,2017) 
• Cars Lightning League (June,2017) 
• Disney Enchanted Tales (September,2016)
• Disney Mix (August,2016) 
• Disney Emoji Blitz (July,2016) 
Amazon | Android Credits: 
• Disney Crash, Boom, Ham! (August, 2016)

Digital Designer at Disney Consumer Products 
August, 2014 -July, 2015
IOS & Android development, UI/UX, storyboards, 2D art, illustration, logo design, concept and ideation 
mockups and prototypes, marketing key art illustration 
iOS iPad | iPhone | Android Credits: 
• Disney Imagicademy: Read with Doc McStuffins: Letters and Sounds (Launched January, 2016) 
• Disney Imagicademy: Read with Doc McStuffins: Word Building (Launched January, 2016) 
• Disney Imagicademy: Mickey's Magical Arts World (Launched 2015) 
• Disney Imagicademy: Mickey’s Shapes Sing-Along (Launched 2015) 
• Disney Imagicademy: Mickey's Magical Math World (Launched December, 2014) 
• Disney Imagicademy: Parents (Launched 2014) 
UI/UX & 2D Artist at Disney Interactive Worlds 
UI | UX Designer at Disney Interactive April 2013 -August 2014 
IOS development, UI/UX, 2D art, illustration, concept and ideation mockups and prototypes. iOS iPad & iPhone Credits: 
• My Penguin (Club Penguin) 
• Puffle Wild 

UI | 2D Art at Kung Fu Factory   March 2013 -April 2013 
Created 2D art for a free to play game 'Slot Revolution' developed for the iPhone / iPad, published by Konami 
Digital Entertainment. Worked on various in game screens and game play icons. Slot Revolution launched 
June 2013 in the App Store. 
2D Artist at Liquid Development May 2010 -March 2013 
Created 2D artwork for Slots, Cafe World, Chefville, and Mobile Zoo for Zynga, Horse Haven for Limbic 
Entertainment and Ubisoft on Facebook. 
Designer/ illustrator at Sony Pictures Interactive, November 2008 -February 2013 
Art Lead for Hotel Transylvania Social Game for Facebook. Responsibilities included:
 • Creative direction for look and feel of game. 
• Art Direction 
• in game purchasable assets 
• User Interface Design, including icons and menu screens 
Designer and staff illustrator for Interactive Websites. Created original art and website elements, including 
games for marketing. 
Credits includes:
 • Smurfs, Zoo Keeper, TinTin, Arthur Christmas, GrownUps, The Karate Kid, The Takers, Machete, 
Paul Blart Mall Cop, 2012, Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs, The Unusuals, Zombieland, Hotel 
Designer at Sony Online Entertainment, May 2008 - November 2008
Conceptual Designing the look and feel for mobile, PC online, and PS3 Downloadable games. Design 
characters, environments, UI interface, game flow, animation. 

Mobile: God Of War Betrayal, FishN'Tunes, Ivan Moscovitch Brain Waves, James Bond Casino Royale, Jump That 
Car, Snoop Dogg Cruisin', Spiderman 3 Action 
Online: Jeopardy2 . Wheel Of Fortune 2, Legends Of Norrath 
PSN: Q'Bert, Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune 

Designer at Sony Pictures Digital, May 2006 -June 2007 
Conceptual Designing the look and feel for mobile, PC online, and PS3 Downloadable games. Design 
characters, environments, UI interface, game flow, animation. 

Illustrator at PicturePlane, August 2004 -May 2006  
Illustrator for video game and movie poster covers,Branded logos, toy box art, style guide illustrations, 
trading cards, food labels, magazines. 

Student at Art Center College of Design, 2000 -2004  
Graduate with Honors 

Honors and Awards 
Games Industry June 2007 God of War: Betrayal (Mobile) 
Nominated: Wireless Game of the Year – Mobile Excellence Awards 2008 
Top 10 Wireless Games of 2007 - 2007 
Winner: Wireless Platformer of the Year - 2007 
Winner: Wireless Game of the Month – June 2007 
Winner: Editors Choice Award – 2007 
10th Best Selling Game for Verizon in 2007 
Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs FWA : Favourite Website Awards September 2011 
The Smurfs – Official Site SITE OF THE DAY September 01 2011 The Smurfs – Official Site 
FWA : Favourite Website Awards September 2011 
The Smurfs – Official Site 
SITE OF THE DAY September 01 2011 
The Adventures of Tintin - International FWA : Favourite Website Awards January 2012 
The Adventures of Tintin - International SITE OF THE DAY January 03 2012 
Imagicademy: Tillywig Award Winners Tillywig January 2015
Winner: Parents, Tillywig Toy Award Sterling Fun 2015 
Winner: Mickey’s Magical Arts World, Tillywig Toy Award Brain Child 2015 
Winner: Mickey’s Magical Math World, Tillywig Toy Award Brain Child 2015 
SPARC* Symposium Gallery Disney Consumer Products April 2015 
Accepted into SPARC* Symposium Gallery Creative Central Campus Disney Consumer Products, Glendale, California 
Excellence Award - Product of the Year Disney Publishing Worldwide April 2015 
Disney Publishing Worldwide Excellence Award 
Product of the Year, Learning: Mickey’s Magical Math World 

Skills & Expertise 
Concept Design 
Visual Development 
Game Design 
Product Design 
Mac OS X 
Character Design 
Digital Illustration 
Digital Painting 
iOS development 
Image Manipulation 
Character Animation 
Creative Direction 
Art Direction 
User Interface Design 
Logo Design 
Graphic Design 
Visual Arts 
Creative Concept Design 
Interactive Creative Direction 
User Experience 
Landscape Painting 
Figure Drawing 

ArtCenter College of Design 
BFA, Illustration/ Entertainment Design, 2000 - 2004 
Graduated with Honors.

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