ROLE:  UI UX Designer
I was initially contracted to re-skin or revamp the entire user experience of World War Toons UI UX.  Initially the game was designed for Playstation 4 and Playstation VR. This product was developed by a very talented veteran games industry team led by James Chung (CEO) 
Taehoon Oh (COO) and Youngwoo Cho (Art Director)
InvisionApp Prototype of the re-skin experience.  This was initially created after doing research of the live product and then was handed off to an engineer to implement.
The screens below are initial finished UI re-skin designs that was implemented based off the wireframe user experience revamp.  The wireframe and visual designs were all done in less than 2 months.
UI Exploration & Asset Creation
Below to the left is reticle icon designs based off of various guns in the first person shooter experience and to the right is a UI Kit I put together based off of some of the new UI assets for the re-skin.
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