Here is a preview of of some of the 3D UI models.  The shaders and textures are a bit different but generally the UI is the same.  Credit to Alexa Kim, Yongwoo Cho,  Christian Astillero, Taehoon Oh and James Chung and all of my friends at Studio Roqovan for this amazing opportunity!
Doing research first was critical before starting this project and learning about the new technology.  The oculus store was a great place to start and it brought up all sort of questions and concerns,  for example things like just knowing the platform headset and controller, head rotation and field of view, front facing UI for position of head, content zones to name a few things.  I researched other vr products like Waltz of the Wizard, Budget Cuts, and Rec Room to see how UI was handled if in tied to your controllers or in world, how tutorials were handled, how tactile and accessible experiences can be.  How movement can sometimes make a user sick if not handled properly and why many VR experiences uses a teleport system.
One of the pain points with the current experience  using the VR controllers is user is not familiar enough with the technology and was confused on how to navigate combined with the experience being a sandbox.  It became clear early on that we needed a tutorial system .Another key element was setting up your stunt and pressing play.  The Vive controllers had a touch pad to bring up the which was very hard to use and the menu UI had a ton of information in it already, so bringing out the play button separating it out of the hidden menu system allowed users to easily experience what they had built.
User Testing
User testing happened to be very insightful and uncovered and confirmed many usability issues.  Users were brought in to evaluate the current build in a informal test and was given a sample user questionnaire that provided measurable feedback for the design team.

Built out a 3D UI interface Maya and played around with different shaders in the Unreal engine

Early Logo Explorations

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