My Role: UI UX Designer working with
Product Owner & Manager: Corey LaPointe
Creative Director: Ali Mohandessi
I started with a evaluation of the current live product by creating a document with detailed evaluations, notations  along with screenshots of the entire user journey.
Regardless of my suggestions to improve the user experience and to make things more consistent, there features in the backlog that took priority.
The Pandemic
During my time working on this product the Coronavirus (COVID19) hit the world.  A pandemic that hit humanity like we have never experienced in our lifetime.  It became apparent that face masks seemed like a logical consumer product that should be sold on FreePrints™.  The goal was to take our existing consumer products flow and add face mask.   The current flow how in the app only allows for one item, then personalize, and then check out.
 The Problem
This typical flow for consumer products in the app does not allow multiple products at one time, nor does it have any notion or functionality of a traditional cart.  With a elevated timeline to meet the need in a timely manner, I came up with various usability flows. The image below shows 3 options : v1- Overlays Walls, v2 -A temporary options screen similar to a cart, v3- Editable confirm screen where users can adjust quantity and add another mask.  Eventually, it was economical and time sensitive to add the first option v1, which is standard overlays (popups), which are offers that interrupt the user experience essentially to "add another mask".
The Key UX feature contributions  to the custom face mask flow is the overlay popup offer to 'add another mask' and when a user gets ready to confirm there order and they see a order summary with subtotal, shipping and total  the user is reminded again with a interactive text string asking if they want to' add another mask'.  This user journey was different than most product flows in FreePrints because the goal was to add more products which was never a need prior to this product.
Live Screens in July 2020
Here are the launched final screens for the face mask initiative.  The initial flow and functionality of my design to adding another mask in an overlay and following that idea in the Confirm screen all came through during the crazy time during the pandemic.  
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